Personal Training

Work directly with our coaches in a one-on-one environment to reach your goals. Our coaches will work with you to develop a comprehensive program and help you drive results. Both of our personal training programs are open to amateurs and professionals.

One-on-One Boxing Training

One-on-one boxing training with our USA Boxing Certified coaches. Learn the sweet science of boxing, techniques, and build self-confidence. Includes access to utilize all of our traditional boxing equipment during training including heavy bags, speed bags, and boxing ring, All with personal guidance and expert advice of our coaches.

One-on-One Fitness Training

Experience our individualized fitness programs that incorporate cutting-edge exercises and boxing equipment to help you crush your fitness goals. Our coaches will analyze your current fitness condition, design a program that will help you reach your goals, teach you how to properly do the exercises, and of course - help keep you motivated!

Ready to start your personal training?