Dec 06, 2019
Get a free month with the new Beast Boxing referral program.

Great news Myrtle Beach, we are excited to announce that Beast Boxing has officially launched their new referral program!

How it works – Existing Members: 

All members (regardless of membership level) are eligible to participate. Even if you haven’t joined yet, you are eligible as soon as you become a member!

When a new member purchases a membership to Beast Boxing via our website, they have the ability to select who referred them. They can search by phone number to designate you as the person who referred them.

That’s it! Once their new membership is processed, we will automatically credit your account with a free (1) month membership. There is no limit to how many people you refer or how many free month’s you can redeem!

New Members:

If you have not joined Beast Boxing yet, but are going to – you can also take advantage of our referral program. When you purchase your membership online, there is a special section to invite your friends / family to join Beast Boxing. All you need is their name, e-mail, and phone number.

If any of your friends / family join – we will automatically credit your account with a free (1) month membership.

Pro Tip:

We welcome anyone to give Beast Boxing a try! When referring your friends or family – they can take advantage of our 30 minute free one-on-one or group class session. If they become a member after taking advantage of our free offer – you still receive the referral credit! Just make sure they select you as the referrer when signing up for the offer.

You can easily share the link below:

Beast Boxing Free 30 Minute One-on-One OR Free Group Class: